Sunday Live, Amaurys Perez speaks of the question of the horns: “they Are peaceful”


Published on Apr 22, 2018


Return from the Island of the famous 2018, the third-ranked, Amaurys Perez was a guest today on Sunday, and Live, in the living room of Barbara D'urso, has spoken for the first time on tv in the presumed history of the horns that would see him involved. You will remember that it all started a month ago, even a little more, when the journalists Who, by the choice of Gossip, throwing a bomb. Told, in fact, that on the Island, a shipwrecked married, he cheated on his wife with a girl involved. All had thought that the question pertained to Cecilia Capriotti and Amaurys Perez, but the ex wrecked in several occasions, he had denied, even to Sunday Live, the one that had been revealed ( even if the magazine Who were not the names). Today Amaurys is in the studio to reiterate that he never even remotely thought of betraying his wife.

“I'll call Perez Siffredi from now on then saw that I had a lot of stories,” he says jokingly Perez that takes, however, the question with the smile. An attitude totally different from what Amaurys had in interviews after the Island, threatening lawsuits against anyone. Today, it is more relaxed and smiles, saying that he did not do anything to worry about.

Amaurys continues:

Don't give a damn of all the things that are said. When a person thinks of loving his wife, has no problems. I love my wife, I slips around him. I am sure everything I have done whether good or bad. I had to apologize is because as a human being I was wrong.

Karina Cascella remembers that Elena Moral, however, had accused Cecilia had slept under the blankets with Cecilia, and in this regard, the former pupa present in the studio, says that she has only seen two people sleep next to one another-nothing more. Cecilia and Amaurys speak of a friendship healthy. And Amaurys reiterates the concept:

For me there is no problem, you can think what you want, I am convinced of my things, what others think does not interest me. I am an intelligent person, I never cheated on my wife in front of the cameras.

And the Capriotti points out:

It is always said that Amaurys would never do that because he is married, to his family. I want to say one thing: I also have a family, I also have a daughter and I also love my partner. Also I would not have ever done.

The D'urso want to say to her:

I defended Amaurys because it was in Honduras, you were here, Cecilia, and you could say everything you wanted to and think that you know how to defend well enough alone.

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