Sunday listen to the new record with Mara Venier queen of Sunday, between gaffes and errors that are preventable


Published on Feb 17, 2020


Continuing the cavalcade of Mara Venier listening to a record on the Sundays of the italians. Also yesterday, the ratings ON Sunday on the afternoon of Rai 1, giving the public a programme full of entertainment, music, healthy fun, and the interviews of the surreal, such as one that has seen the protagonist Electra Lamborghini. All without that Mara has the help of one who should make the interviews and not only that, more simple, do not put it in perennial difficulty.

We think of the episode of yesterday. In an interview with the east the place a mirror on the chair without telling you the reason, so much so that Mara gives a pearl: “I Thought I had left my make-up artist”. Fortunately, Levante captures the message and speaks of her relationship with the mirror, crowding out the host. And always in the interview to the east, Mara cites a duet done with Fiorello, believing that he was in Sanremo, but in reality it was for Viva Raiplay, fortunately, also in this case the singer understands what you should talk...

What about the hunchback, on which the authors write that Elodie in Sanremo on the night of the duets he sang promised Land and instead he sang, you Now). Some guests are having fun with Mara, know that it is a lady of the television and treat it with the respect it deserves, but let's admit also, that if these gross errors, have them keep another host, the result would not be the same. You sprecherebbero rivers of ink to make note of the errors that objectively, tune into a program that should be more accurate, since it has a week time to arrange everything for you.

And it is true that this is also the figure of the Sunday of Mara Venier, but in the long run tired. The presenter needs respect for his work and he needs people who will not put in the eternal difficulty ( can we open the chapter of the video that does not leave ever). Think of other programs: if there were a surgical precision in the starting video, messages, contributions, that great chaos could burst?

And that all this is starting to be tight also to the Mara the audience at home the note. The host is often nervous and tired of the constant errors. You ride the first, the second, the third but here we are almost at the end of the season and it keeps going getting worse and worse. Do something to improve the whole thing would be so complicated?

We see the numbers with the data from auditel related to ratings of 16 February 2020

Sunday marks the 22.6% with 3.818.000 spectators in the first part, and 20.2% with 3.143.000 spectators in the second.

With these numbers, certainly in the Rai, the forgive the gaffe, which are also part of his character. The rest, however, should really be revised.

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