Sunday, IN the latest episode: Mara Venier closes with a roundup of the guests


Published on May 26, 2019


Last Sunday of may and the last episode of Sunday In the air on 26 may 2019. Mara Venier closes today a season full of guests and surprises, but above all of great satisfaction with the ratings from the records that the host has cashed in Sunday on Sunday, with Rai, the public that was lost along the way. We still don't know if Mara will decide to remain at the helm On Sunday for the next edition, if you ask and if you have any desire to accept. Maybe we'll find out today in the course of the last bet of the day. But in the meantime we can tell you that our dear Mara spring stroke, and also in the latest episode of Sunday IN gives the audience a Sunday full of guests and stories to tell.

It will be a long Sunday afternoon than in the company of all the guests of Mara Venier. Among the great names there is also the one of Romina Power, who was among the first guests of this season ON Sunday. There will also be her in this final episode of the season that are sure to give great emotions to the public.

On a Sunday, among other things, of bad weather that could then give to Mara the other listen to the record!

Renzo Arbore, however, should arrive to Sunday's pears to give another insight into the private life of Mara, who in this Sunday edition of In the us has put much of his.

And again, we saw this yesterday in Dancing, and today we should see it also from Mara: Nino Frassica. And then a great friend of aunt Mara, Gina Lollobrigida . But the far the list of guests for the latest episode of Sunday IN the not ends here, the court of Mara is also Teo Teocoli, Orietta Berti dancing with Mara, Ron, Fausto Leali, Angela Luce, Francesco Merola, Franco, and Andrea Antonello . And finally Enrico Nigiotti that has gained since the first encounter, Mara Venier.

The appointment with the last bet of the day is on Rai 1 to 14 for a pleasant and long live not to be missed.

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