Sunday IN the guests and the anticipation of October 6, 2019: Gabriel Garko super guest


Published on Oct 05, 2019


As always great expectation for the bet ON Sunday that will keep us company in the afternoon of the Sunday. Who will be in the living room of Mara Venier? Let's find out with the spoilers that reveal, as always, the names of all the guests who will be arriving in Rome on 6 October, 2019. The most awaited moment of this Sunday should be the one during which Mara will interview Gabriel Garko. Why? Lovers of gossip are well aware that in the last days there has been much talk of the actor. It seems that Gabriel is to be married in secret. But it is not the first time that the actor shows on the finger a ring, and leave thinking that there was the big event. Had happened even when he was the boyfriend of Adua del Vesco: they talked for many months of a possible marriage! Tomorrow, thanks to Mara Venier discover finally if Gabriel Garko, has found the woman of his life or not. In the advances given by the press office of Rai, not to speak of the presence of Gabriele Rossi, a great friend of Gabriel while very sites tv have also made the name of the former competitor of Big Brother VIP. Like never would and it would be interesting to see them together? Because the voices you know, in the world of the show are always so many and it speaks for months of a secret relationship between the two that Garko has repeatedly denied speaking of a beautiful friendship. And perhaps the two will be together to tell this important link that exists between them, we'll see!

But let's go ahead to discover the names of other guests who will be arriving in the episode of the Sunday of the October 6, 2109.

Gabriel Garko will obviously not be the only guest of Mara Venier.

Serena Rossi will intervene together with the director Michela Andreozzi for the film “Good Girls”, in which the protagonist together with Ambra Angiolini, Ilenia Pastorelli and Silvia D'amico. Pierluigi Diaco, in the company of his inseparable guitar, will be the subject of an extensive interview with Mara Venier, in which you will tell to all round speaking to all of his program and I also aired in the winter on Rai 1 in the second part of the evening.

Jerry Cala’ and the “Alley Cats Miracles”: Franco Oppini, Nini Salerno, Umberto Smaila, will sing and entertain the public of “Domenica In” with their gags and their hit songs, as well as present a preview of their new film titled “the Odyssey in the hospice”, for the direction of the same Jerry Cala’. But the music will still be the protagonist on Rai 1 with the Achille Lauro, the host of the bet ON Sunday, 6 October 2019. Still laughter and joy with the protagonists of the program of Rai 2 “Damn My Friends”, Giovanni Veronesi, Rocco Papaleo, Alessandro Haber.

The appointment, and then to 14 with the live broadcast of the Sunday.

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