Sunday IN the guests and the anticipation of 13 October 2019: you sing and you excites with Mara Venier


Published on Oct 11, 2019


A new bet ON Sunday will be aired on the 13th of October 2019 on Rai 1 and could not miss our advances, which reveal to us the names of the guests who will be arriving in the study of Mara Venier. Who will be there this Sunday in the lounge of the Rai 1? Let's find out with the latest news coming from the press office of Rai, and reveal the names of the guests.

The appointment is, as always, for the 14 on Sunday afternoon on Rai 1.

The episode ON Sunday, October 13, 2019 opens with an interview with Flavio Insinna and Valeria Fabrizi, the protagonists of the new film by Fausto Brizzi, in theaters October 17. The two then return in the living room ON Sunday. Last year, Valeria Fabrizi had moved the audience of Rai 1 in speaking of his life, his health problems faced with great courage. We find stronger than ever, ready for a new adventure in the cinema.

After being a guest of That time ago in the episode last Sunday, Mika arrives ON a Sunday. The singer, in addition to being interviewed on his life and his career, will perform, singing two of his biggest hits: “Stardust” and “Tomorrow”. And you will continue between the music and the show with Ronn Moss, in Italy for a series of live concerts, will sing accompanied at the piano two famous covers: “Angel” by Robbie Williams and “adventure” of Lucio Battisti. There is always great anticipation when it arrives in the tv, the beloved actor who for years has given a face to the Ridge of the bold and the Beautiful.

For younger people, but Fabio Rovazzi that you will tell to Mara Venier through a series of films, in which you will revisit and listen to some of his biggest musical hits, which have earned him millions of views on social and 14 platinum records. To memories with the unforgettable ‘Ladies Evening’. In the studio, Maria Giovanna Elmi, Rosanna Vaudetti, Gabriella Farinon and Mariolina Cannuli.

From Monday 14 October 2019 back on Rai 1 the Paradise of The lord, and in the episode of Sunday 13 October, 2019, there will be Alessandro tersigni tondinelli and Roberto Farnesi to tell some news about this season of the soap on Rai 1.

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