Sunday IN still an episode short on 8 December for the Mara to celebrate Don Mazzi


Published on Dec 08, 2019


Still an episode short on Sunday IN this week. As it had happened already last week, the program of Rai 1 will air and reduced to give space to the visit of Pope Francis to Piazza di Spagna in Rome, on the day of the Immaculate conception. Mara Venier will take to the line at 14 after Tg and then go on break around at 15.45, just as had happened last Sunday. One Sunday, a record for the program of Rai 1 visa, in some moments, from almost 4 million viewers.

Today, December 8, 2019, will be a special episode ON Sunday. There will be ample space, in fact, to celebrate Don Antonio Mazzi on the occasion of its 90 years. Many guests and friends in attendance, let's discover together the advances of this new appointment on Rai 1.

Roby Facchinetti, who will perform at the piano singing some of the great successes of the ‘Pooh’; Ron, who will sing two great successes: ‘Dear’, written by Lucio Dalla and Soul’, the children of the Exodus community to Cassino for a special greeting to
Don Mazzi, which has dedicated to the boys of his community, his latest book ‘i Love bad guys’.

At around 15.45 pm the line will pass to the Tg1 to follow the live, the Piazza di Spagna in Rome, of the prayer of Pope Francis to our Lady on the day of the Immaculate Conception.

‘Sunday’ will pick up the line at around 16.30 with an interview to the former champion of football, Paolo Rossi who will be in the studio together with his wife Federica Cappelletti for presenting his autobiographical book ‘How long is a moment. In the final episode, at around 17.15, Mara Venier you will connect with Father Enzo Fortunato in Assisi, for direct switching on of the Christmas tree and the Nativity scene.

A bet then short but intense, the appointment is, as always, to 14 on Rai 1 for this Sunday in the company of Mara Venier.

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