Sunday IN anticipations, and guests October 20, to celebrate the birthday of Mara Venier


Published on Oct 19, 2019


What we will see in the episode of Sunday 20 October 2019? Or better, who we will see in the bet of the day tomorrow? We discover with the advances that we reveal all the names of the guests who will be arriving in the living room of Mara Venier! Great expectations in particular, for one of the protagonists of the bet of the day tomorrow! Will come in fact, Carlo Conti for a long interview with Mara Venier, during which certainly there will be surprises and of course great emotions.

Bet more special because tomorrow we celebrate the birthday of Mara Venier, and in fact, at the end of the episode, we'll enter the studio for a cake sweet to celebrate!

Alessandro Siani is scheduled to speak in the studio to present his new film “The day the world's most beautiful”, and together with the singer Clementine will perform with the song “rap Cos, Cos, Cos,” written by the same Alessandro Siani with Clementino, already platinum.

Roberto Farnesi and Alessandro tersigni tondinelli will be in the studio for “the Paradise Of The Lord,” and will be the protagonists of a fun music game. Great success for the soap of Rai 1 in the episode, which aired Friday reported a record you listen to.

And still great emotions in the space with Elena Santarelli . The presenter will be interviewed by Mara Venier, about her new book just came out and already top of the charts. In his book, Elena Santarelli tells the story of the long path at the side of her son, during her illness.

Then again, space for the music by Francesco Renga, who will sing one of his latest hits “sooner or later”, while the actress Barbara De Rossi, will tell about new projects that she's involved as an actress and presenter of programs dedicated to women.

And then everyone insists to celebrate with Mara Venier and the cake for his birthday. Last Sunday in the studio with her, there was also Nicola Carraro, her husband, and imagine that there will also be this Sunday, to celebrate together. Appointment as always at 14 on Rai 1 with a new unmissable episode ON Sunday.

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