Sunday IN anticipations and guests, 24 November: all guests of Mara Venier with many stories of women


Published on Nov 23, 2019


After the season record of the past week, with ratings close to 4 million spectators, Mara Venier is back on the 24th of November on Rai 1 with a new unmissable episode of Sunday; and could not miss our advances, which reveal to us the names of all the guests who will be arriving in the study of Rai . Among others there will be even Gigi D'alessio, and Vanessa Incontrada, who are the protagonists of the new show “20 years that we are italians”, broadcast on Friday 29 November on Bbc1. The singer and the beautiful actress were also guests yesterday of Such and such to promote the program, which airs from next Friday to the place of the show of Carlo Conti.

But back to the advances of the day: what's going to happen in this new episode of the program on Rai 1? Let's find out together.

Not only the promotion of the new program; Gigi D'alessio will also perform at the piano, singing some of his hits.

Gigliola Cinquetti, one of the singers of the Italian most loved and appreciated also abroad, winner of two san remo Festival, will tell us his long and successful career, and then perform, accompanied by the orchestra directed by maestro Stefano Magnanensi, with the song “At the gates of the sun”.

The actor Marco Bocci will present her new film “In Tor Bella Monaca it never rains”, taken from his eponymous novel, in which he engages as a director ( we will see among other things, to Friends, to promote his film).

Always with Marco Bocci, there will be room to talk about his career and his beautiful love story with Laura Chiatti.

The story of this week will be the one of Nadia Toffa, the unforgettable sent de “Le Iene”, prematurely, and in the studio ... the mother, the lady Margaret Toffa. After the Fourth Degree, and on Sunday Live, the mother of Nadia chooses Mara Venier to talk about projects that relate to his daughter.

There will be also space for a reflection on the occasion of ‘International Day for the elimination of violence against women’. In the studio, interviewed by Mara Venier, the minister of Justice On. Alfonso Bonafede.

Read here all the week's appointments on the three main Rai channels

Appointment as always on Rai 1 live to 14.

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