Sunday In advance of the official of the penultimate episode: guests may 19, 2019


Published on May 17, 2019


This penultimate episode of Sunday In it is talked about so much in the last few days. After the hosted by Mara Venier, to Friends, seemed to be what made the presence of Maria de Filippi, in the program of Rai 1, and instead, according to those that are advances official of the press office of Rai, the presenter of Channel 5 there will be. And it seems that even Massimo Giletti, that would have to be one of the guests of the episode, will not be present. There only remains to discover what are the advances to officers for the bet of the day on Sunday, may 19, 2019.

Those who, instead, surely there will be is Alessia Marcuzzi. The name of the presenter of Mediaset had already been done by a few days; probably Alessia Marcuzzi will be the host of Mara, and also to promote his new book, a guide for those traveling between the cities where Alessia has the heart, London, Milan, and Rome in particular. Not only that, Alessia Marcuzzi will be the protagonist of a long interview between love, family and work.

Manuel Bortuzzo, the boy injured in Rome on the 3rd of February last, and confined to a wheelchair, will be in the studio with his father, Franco, to tell his incredible story and the path of recovery and rehabilitation that is facing to be able to participate in the next Paralympics swimming championships in Tokyo .

From the world of Dancing with the stars 2019, this Saturday we remember him, will not go on the air, come Nunzia De Girolamo and Raimondo Todaro, the protagonists of the most heated controversies in this edition of the program of Milly Carlucci. And from the world of Friends instead, even if it is no longer artistic director, there will be Vittorio Grigolo, in some way, then he will also speak of the talent of Channel 5.

Raffaella Ponzo, the partner of Gigi Sabani, who died prematurely in 2007, will be in the studio together with his son, Gabriel, that your Sunday will turn 11 years old, to remember the unforgettable Gigi Sabani, and their beautiful love story.

“Family space” if we can say so, Mara Venier, who, among other guests on the may 19 episode of 2019, will also have Jerry Calà.

And finally in the music, Tony Hadley, the former leader of the Spandau Ballet.

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