Sunday IN a special episode for mother's day: guests of may 10, 2020


Published on May 09, 2020


What we will see in the bet of the day tomorrow, may 10, 2020? Discover the latest news and advances that reveal to us the names of all the guests that tomorrow we will take the company in a special day. We celebrated the feast of the mother and in the episode tomorrow, Mara Venier give you ample space to mothers who speak of their experience but also of these two months of living in lockdown!

On the occasion of Mother's day, the episode opens with Antonella Clerici, from Arquata Scrivia, province of Alessandria, where he is spending with the family, this period of forced rest due to the emergency coronavirus. These days, Antonella Clerici has tried to keep the company of the many people who follow it always, with affection, with recipes and direct on social but also with shots of the sweetest of his life in the house in the woods that all we have now come to know.

Then you will go to Cellino San Marco where Romina Power will tell between career and private life, while the actress Serena Rossi, the mother of baby Diego, it will link to talk about the tv movie “I am Mine”, dedicated to My Martini, which will be rebroadcast on Bbc1 on Tuesday 12 may.

The couple Costanza Caracciolo and Christian Vieri, Milan, will speak about their family life and the joy for the arrival of little Isabel, born march 25 last.

Luca Trapani, author of the book “Born for you”, it will connect to tell of his life of dad single of the little Dawn, a beautiful little girl with Down syndrome, that he adopted three years ago.
And finally, space to information and updates on “Phase 2” with the well-known immunologist prof. Francis Seals.
The play is directed by Roberto Croce.

The appointment, and then to 14 tomorrow with a new episode dedicated to mother's day, Sunday, as always, live on Rai 1 with Mara Venier.

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