Sunday highlights: a roundup of the guests but Pamela Meadows there is


Published on Oct 26, 2019


Skip the hosted of Pamela Prati in the episode of Sunday 27 October 2019, but there will be guests arriving in the living room of Mara Venier. Imagine that however, the presenter will have something to say given the fact that a hosted skipped the Friday evening will certainly change the entire episode. We will see how to comment, if you will decide to do it, Mara, this episode. But in any case, as they say, the show must go mr For which the bet ON Sunday will be aired with the other guests and the other interviews.

Who will be there then in the living room of Mara Venier to a new episode ON Sunday? Let's find out with the spoilers, here they are for you.

The episode of Sunday 27 October 2019, will open with an extensive interview of Lucia Bosé, the symbol of the Italian cinema of the ’50s and ’60s, and in these days in Rome to present his biography to the ‘Festa del Cinema’.

Space to laugh with Teo Teocoli who will be in the studio to talk through some never before seen footage and will perform interpreting some of his famous characters. Biagio Izzo e Francesco Paolantoni will be the protagonists of the two moments of spectacle, that involve both Orietta Berti that the same Mara Venier. The presenter will be been pleasantly surprised by the two actors after his participation in Tonight everything is possible?

For the topicality, Ilaria Cucchi and the lawyer Fabio Anselmo will be present in the studio to talk about the book, which was released last October 22, at a distance of exactly 10 years from the death of Stefano Cucchi.

Can not miss the music also in the episode ON Sunday, 27 October 2019. Nek will be the guest in the studio to sing “What made us love”, released just a few weeks and already topped the charts. And music with Mario Lavezzi will perform a song written in 2011 Franco Califano, entitled “Songs of the sirens.”

And yet Lavinia Biagiotti recounts his intense relationship with his mother, Laura, disappeared in 2017, and will present the docu-film is devoted to Laura Biagiotti entitled “The Aura of Fashion”, aired on Rai3 on the 31st of October for the series “Enlightened”.

So, see you tomorrow with the next installment of the Sunday broadcast, as always, to 14, live on Rai 1.

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