Sunday guests of the 23rd of February 2020 after the hurricane against Mara Venier


Published on Feb 22, 2020


Will certainly not be a bet easier ON Sunday for Mara Venier the 23rd of February 2020. She brings in the tv and all its emotions, whether good or evil, can not pretend nothing has happened. Didn't want to release statements after the allegations received and the letter arrived with the emphasis on those that would have been some behaviour is not optimal for a tv presenter, has simply decided to rely on a legal way. But pretend nothing will not be simple, also because the accusations that are addressed are very serious and if not true, the thing would be still more difficult to handle, because it puts the discussion of the professionalism of a public figure.

In each case the issue will be addressed in the appropriate venues, and the show must go on.

Among the guests ON Sunday of February 23, 2020, there will be Carlo Verdone, who will speak and will present his new film “You only live once“. Again the Sanremo Festival with in the studio the presence of Francesco Gabbani with his “vice Versa”, came in second in the last edition of the Festival. And perhaps also to make amends for the gaffe that he made last Sunday, Mara Venier houses tomorrow in Rome Irene, she is also a veteran of the Festival.

And speaking of Sanremo is still space in the music: straight from the stage of the Ariston come to Sunday IN The vibrations, Nigiotti, and Rita Pavone.

Among the guests of the episode of Sunday 23 February 2020 then there will be also Teo Teocoli which has now become a face hard of the program. As you may have noticed, instead, is no longer part of the cast of Sunday IN the Orietta Berti, who seems to be back instead of a permanent guest of That time ago.

The appointment, and then to 14 tomorrow with the new episode of Sunday in the always live up to 17.30.

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