Sunday guests of 16 February: Bugo back from Mara, all the names


Published on Feb 15, 2020


What we will see in the bet of the day tomorrow, February 16, 2020? We will tell you about with our advances, which reveal to us the names of all the guests that will be from Mara in the episode tomorrow! As you know the Venier on Sunday, has earned ratings record with the episode of the Sunday dedicated to Sanremo but not all artists have had the opportunity to get on the stage of the Ariston theatre for the post Sanremo. Some of them will have the opportunity to be guests of the episode tomorrow ON Sunday. The episode during which we will see the return to tv of Bugo that he was invited last Sunday by Mara to sing, his song Sincere. And perhaps we will speak again of Morgan...we'll See!

Let's discover something more about the hosts of the bet of the day tomorrow, here are the spoilers for you.

Eleventyseven performing in a studio, singing the song “Sincere”, presented at the Festival di Sanremo in pair with Morgan, and the talk in the studio, the music producer Simone Bertolotti and journalists Pierluigi Diaco, Giampiero Mughini and Paul Jordan.

Then still ample space to the protagonists of the Sanremo 2020 Elettra Lamborghini, who will sing the song “Music – and the rest disappears”, Elodie, with the song “Andromeda”, Levante, who will sing “Tikibombom” and Alberto Urso, who will be performing with her song “the Sun In The East”. Elettra, Elodie and Levante had not had the opportunity to perform at the Ariston on Sunday while Alberto is back in the studio On Sunday for an encore!

In the studio, and then, the two actresses Gaia Girace, and Margaret Mazzucco, the protagonists of the fiction of the success of Bbc1 “The Friend of Genius 2”, while in the final bet will be officiated by the cast of the new film by Fausto Brizzi, “my band plays pop”: Christian De Sica, Massimo Ghini, Angela Finocchiaro and Paolo Rossi will play the song that is the soundtrack to the film, which will be released in cinemas on 20 February.

Appointment then tomorrow 16 February 2020 Sunday, rich of music and show on Rai 1.

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