Sunday guests 17 November: Mara Venier in direct, the injury does not stop


Published on Nov 16, 2019


All ready for a new episode ON Sunday! Ready to find out who will keep us company in the episode aired on the 17th of November 2019? Despite the small injury, domestic, Mara Venier's not spring and it will be live on Rai 1 tomorrow, from 14. The presenter was hurt foot in the house but nothing can stop her! And tomorrow is back, again on Rai 1, with an unmissable installment of his Sunday much like that to the public.

A particular Sunday for Mara Venier that, as a good venetian, could not speak she her of Venice. We will therefore hear the latest news from the city, affected in these days by an exceptional flood that resulted in two victims and incalculable damage to the lagoon city, the mass literally on his knees by the phenomenon of high water.

We can only discover those that are the spoilers for the episode ON Sunday, 17 November 2019: here's who will be there!

The episode ON Sunday, 17 November 2019 opens with a large interview with the actor and comedian Giorgio Panariello, starring alongside Sergio Castellitto's new tv series “unique Pieces”, aired for six episodes on Bbc1 from Sunday, November 17, directed by Cinzia Th. Torrini.


But it continues with the other guests. In the episode ON Sunday 17 November there will be a space as always for the music.

Gigliola Cinquetti, one of the singers of the Italian most loved and appreciated also abroad, winner of two san remo Festival, will tell us his long and successful career, and then perform, accompanied by’ orchestra conducted by maestro Stefano Magnanensi, with some of its successes.
And it is still continuing on the thread of the ex-competitors, Friends, this Sunday, after Alberto Urso and Jordanian, tap to Stash the Kolors, which will present their new single titled “Los Angeles”.

Space to the promotion of new books. Fabio Volo, an actor and writer, will speak to talk about her latest novel entitled “A great desire to live.”

Actor Cesare Bocci, the popular Mimi'augello of the “Commissioner Montalbano”, you will be interviewed by Mara Venier, with his girlfriend Daniela Sword to speak of their beautiful love story and the book written by the couple, which was a comedy of success on tour in Italian theaters.

Appointment at 14 on Rai 1 with the new episode ON Sunday.

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