Sunday closes with a bang in a season of listening to gold thanks to aunt Mara


Published on May 27, 2019


Three million viewers for a Sunday in the end of may are a result more than exceptional for Mara Venier. It is true, without competitors, someone will say, but it is also true that the Venier has grossed listen to winning even when he had someone with whom to compare. And then, it's not his fault if Mediaset has decided not to televise Sunday Live by moving the program to the d'urso after the 17. Mara has made her for the whole season, bringing 1 million spectators, that had been lost along the way in the last two years, on the first channel. A result is not just that back in the last round with the Sunday IN which you like to the italians. A year that will certainly remain in the history plays. We are far from the numbers that Rai was with The Arena in the same location the time, at least in the range that goes from 14 to 16 but Mara really did the miracle. Sunday is again his own, he has been and perhaps will be again next year, if you and the management team, the Rai chose to go forward to a new edition.


Some of the things to improve and there would be various: from the directing to the content of the interviews often chaotic because of the errors of those who from behind should handle the situation. But this Sunday, like the audience of Rai 1. Improve you can, and maybe even the plays may grow still, in spite of the offer of the other networks, platforms, streaming and sports on Sunday remains very strong.

Mara, in any case, close to great, here are the numbers

3.179.000 18.30% (2 hours) and 2.542.000 15.60% in the final.

And Mara made it, even though he has not always found the support of the leadership of Rai 1. We think of the latest episode of Sunday IN what was supposed to host the winner of Friends. Or think of the penultimate episode, during which missed the presence of Maria de Filippi.

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