Summer concerts for Daniele Silvestri tour through Sardinia, Calabria, Puglia and Sicily: first dates announced

Published on Mar 09, 2017

I was very undecided... This summer, maybe finally I rest...Then where to pass it? Best Puglia? The Calabria? Sicily? Sardinia? It's not that easy to choose, they are all beautiful... So I thought: easy! Me I do them all! And so I talked with my travel agent (music), and here is the result: 22/7 RIOLA SARDO (OR) - the PARK SOUNDS 19/8 DIAMANTE (CS) - the AMPHITHEATRE of THE RUINS OF CIRELLA 21/8 LECCE - ROMAN THEATRE 22/8 LECCE - ROMAN THEATRE 25/8 TAORMINA - TEATRO ANTICO 26/8 PALERMO - TEATRO DI VERDURA my favorite holidays 😉 short more details #tobecontinued #lavocedelmegafono

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