Suicide Squad: Margot Robbie is confused by the relationship between Harley and the Joker


Published on Dec 14, 2019


While we are all anxiously waiting for Birds of Prey and the phantasmagorical rebirth of Harley Quinn, Margot Robbie has had the opportunity to talk about his previous appearance in the role of Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad, commenting on the relationship with the Joker in that film, which, according to the actress, she was initially “confused”.

“In the first movie, her relationship with the Joker was the element that made me go in confusion,” explains the actress Comicbook in an interview on the set “Is the element that most took me time to understand it.

In the Birds of Prey we will explore his not being with the Joker, to be honest I understand very well the break between the two. I think it is something everyone can understand and with which it is easy to relate to. It seems to be in agreement with the fact to blow things up in the air, but don't want to do that and I personally understand these thoughts to be contradictory.

One thing that I have had the opportunity to explore a lot in the Suicide Squad has been its dependence on the Joker, he obviously has a great influence on her. Of course, the first time that we seen on the big screen, was very involved in the relationship, but I wanted to represent it out from this relationship, whether his choice or because he has sent away to kick.

And him, the influence and the affects yet, but in a completely different way; I thought that in this way we would have seen very different aspects of his personality, in the plural to say, because I think it has many”.

The film will offer, therefore, to see one of the many personalities of the Harley, it will still be linked to the Joker, but more independent and free to express herself, out from the shadow of the villain's most famous in the world of Batman. Also, as repeatedly pointed out, take the distances from the Suicide Squad, which, as we all remember, has received several criticisms from fans and insiders.

Below, the synopsis of the Birds of Prey and the phantasmagorical rebirth of Harley Quinn:

When the evil narcissist of Gotham, Roman Sionis, and his zealous right arm, Zsasz, aim at the target about a girl named Cass, the city is upset to look for it. The streets of the Harley, Huntress, Black Canary and Renee Montoya meet and the unlikely quartet has no other choice but to ally perfronteggiare Roman.

In the film, Warner Bros. Pictures, Margot Robbie returns as Harley Quinn, alongside Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the Huntress; Jurnee Smollett-Bell in the role of Black Canary; Rosie Perez Renee Montoya; Chris Messina in the role of Victor Zsasz; and Ewan McGregor in the role of Roman Sionis. The debutante Ella Jay Basco played the role of Cassandra “Cass” Cain.

Directed by Cathy Yan, from a screenplay by Christina Hodson, the movie is based on DC Comics characters. The Robbie has also produced the film, along with Bryan Unkeless and Sue Kroll. The executive producers of the film are Walter Hamada, Galen Vaisman, Geoff Johns, Hans Ritter, and David Ayer.

The release of Birds of Prey and the phantasmagorical rebirth of Harley Quinn, distributed by Warner Bros., which is currently scheduled for February 6, 2020.

Suicide Squad: Margot Robbie is confused by the relationship between Harley and the Joker is




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