Such as: Guendalina Tavassi shows the side B in direct: Carlo Conti embarrassed

Published on Sep 22, 2018

Guendalina Tavassi yesterday evening, she dressed the role of the good and the beautiful Jennifer Lopez in The show. Carlo Conti did not hide the embarrassment when at a certain point the attention was focused on the ass of the girl

Carlo Conti had to predict it: with a character like Jennifer Lopez in This Show, Guendalina Tavassi could not slip on the issue b side.

In This Show, the talent of Carlo Conti, Guendalina Tavassi last night was fun to dress up the shoes of Jennifer Lopez. The former Big Brother contestant, now a columnist and web influencer, has convinced only half.

His performance, however, it became however viral to via the “B-side " left-handed”, as he called Gwendolyn in the rehearsal room. Mara Venier, 4 special judge, was very impressed by this feature, so much so that he asked for an explanation of the showgirl.

The aunt has asked nicely to the Tavassi:

“Let us see a little bit I'm side B left-handed that I don't understand”

The Venier noted that although the performance was not perfect and the Tavassi, however, was very nice. The director has now taken up the request of the sworn special and focused the lens on the bottom of the influencers: a gesture that, however, is not liked to the master of the house that embarrassed he tried to avoid the thing degenerasse in the trash.

The cameraman has suggested, in fact:

“Widen the field”.

An edition full of the gaffe and the embarrassment this Carlo Conti. In short, we will see the beautiful in the next few episodes of the talent always followed.

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