Studio Ghibli: three amazing videos from the Museum


Published on May 05, 2020


For fans of anime and animation in general, the Ghibli Museum is one of the attractions the most enticing of Japan, also for the audiovisual material exclusive that can be seen there.

But maybe the charm of the museum is also derived from the aura of mystery created by its policy not to allow photographs. Guests are not permitted to take photos or record video inside the museum, in order to keep the attention on the exhibitions and the excitement of the moment. At this time, however, the Ghibli Museum has made an exception to allow the rest of the world to take a look at the inside of its walls with a series of video diary.

The first video starts in the garden just in front of the entrance of the museum in the district in Mitaka, Tokyo. As we cross the threshold, we enter into the reception area where guests show their tickets, while we are in the light that filters through the stained-glass windows depicting scenes of the film Ghibli.

The second video takes us through the permanent exhibition on the first floor of the museum, “Where a Film is Born”.

The third video, titled Night, it shows a side of the museum that many visitors do not see, from the moment that the most visit the hotel in the afternoon hours.

“When the sun sets, the atmosphere of the museum changed completely”, we are informed by a caption. “The eyes of the Catbus shine, as if coming to pick us up, and the light of the stained-glass extends through the walls”.

With regard to the reason why the Ghibli Museum offers rare peek inside, the building has been closed since the end of February due to the outbreak of coronavirus, and there still is no specific timetable on when it will reopen. So we hope that these videos will be of comfort to all those whose planned visits were delayed or cancelled.

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