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Published on Apr 01, 2020


From the midnight of Wednesday 1st of April 2020 on Netflix Italy are available for the last seven animated films of Studio Ghibli:

πŸ•› 00:01 The last 7 films of Studio Ghibli are now available:

β€” Netflix Italy (@NetflixIT) March 31, 2020

The castle, wandering Howl
Hayao Miyazaki

The young Sophie is eighteen years old and works tirelessly in the shop of the hats that belonged to his father, now deceased. In one of his rare outings, is bothered by some of the soldiers, and saved by the Wizard Howl, a wizard of rare beauty and great charm,but that is a bit of a wimp and coward.
The wicked Witch of the waste, who is obsessed warlock and want to have the heart, jealous of Sophie is transformed into a wrinkled nonagenarian. To Sophie, all that remains is to run away from home and begin to wander aimlessly around the wastelands in search of those who can break the curse, of which he is a victim.
Find shelter in the Castle for mobile Howl, and, hiding his true identity, she does the hiring by the sorcerer as a cleaning lady, so discovering the secrets of the castle, and giving new life to the old house in which live only the young apprentice, Markol, and Calcifer, the demon of the fire.
What a destiny, and how many adventures await Sophie before being able to return to before? What is the curse that is the victim of the magician?

Ponyo on the cliff
Hayao Miyazaki

From the depths of the sea emerges a little fish who lived in the red at the edge of a medusa. Trapped in a glass jar, is rescued and freed by Sosuke, a five-year-old who lives with his mother at the top of the cliff. The gratitude of the little fish who lived in that Sosuke baptize you with the name of Ponyo, turns into a tender friendship. The idyll is interrupted by the intervention of Fujimoto, the father of Ponyo and the master-sorcerer of the seabed...

The wind rises
Hayao Miyazaki

Jiro Horikoshi is a young teenager. He has a dream in which he builds a beautiful airplane which is shot down by a huge ship's wheel. From that moment, Jiro decides that, in life, build airplanes, following in the footsteps of Caproni, an Italian engineer. Time passes and Jiro meets by chance, Naoko during a terrible earthquake: it will be the beginning of a very special relationship...

When was there Marnie
of Hiromasa Yonebayashi

Anna is a twelve-year-old who lives in the city. β€œIn this world there is an invisible magic circle. There is who is inside and who outside, and I am out. But it still doesn't matter to me. I hate myself.” Having lost her parents young, she lives with her adoptive parents, single, and closed in upon itself after a particular incident. When your asthma worsens, is sent to stand by the relatives of the adoptive mother Yoriko, the Oiwa, in a village near the sea. So begins a summer of adventures for Anna, who meets a young girl, a mysterious Marnie...

Pom Poko
Isao Takahata

A group of Tanuki, the small bears in the middle between the raccoons and the bears washers, inhabitants of the hills of Tama, are forced to leave their homes because of the rapid development and construction of new buildings and shopping centers. As it becomes increasingly difficult to find food and shelter, they decide to fight all together to be able to return to their habitat. The Tanuki have perfected the ancient art of transformation until they can move like humans on two legs. They use these powers to limit the progress of urbanization. But will it be enough? Or the Tanuki learn how to live in balance with the modern world? A hymn to the magic of the forest and the beauty of the creatures that live around us.

The myth of the american sleepover
Goro Miyazaki

Yokohama, 1963. Umi and Shun are two young students, you know, during the protests against the demolition of an old house in the wood adjacent to their school, the so-called β€œQuartier Latin”, the seat of the school clubs, astronomy, and philosophy, and a symbol of the entire genereazioni of dreams, experiences, and passions. The two like each other and fall in love, and slowly, they discover something dark in their past, something that them share...

The sighs of my heart
of Yoshifumi Kondo

Shizuku is a teenager with a passion for writing. One day she notices that all the books that he chooses in the library have been taken previously by the same person. A randomness of the leaves think that it is Seiji, a boy who is obnoxious and spiteful. Is it really possible that he is the mysterious player? A curious cat that travels undisturbed in the tube will help you discover more about the life of Seiji, and on surprising his grandfather's store. A new story of love and magic written by the master Hayao Miyazaki.

The other securities were released on February 1, 2020 and March 1, 2020.

We recall that these 21 films had been published on DVD and Blu-ray Disc by Lucky Red; Yamato Video and Koch Media have released the Grave of The Fireflies of the late maestro Isao Takahata.

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