Strip the news, the dramatic mourning: the ad shock live

Published on Oct 31, 2018

Ezio Greggio and Enzo Iacchetti announce that the father of Max Laudadio is dead

The episode of Strip the news went last night ended in an unusual way. Instead of the final song danced by showgirls and the Gabibbo, Ezio Greggio has made a sad announcement. In detail, he said that he is dead Joseph Laudadio, father of the envoy of the satirical news program Max. So Crude, and his companion, Enzo Iacchetti have closed the program by sending a warm greeting to the man who has died.

Nelo specific Ezio Greggio and Enzo Iacchetti you are lifted from their seat and, joined by two showgirls, have announced the serious loss that has hit Max Laudadio. Then in the perfect silence they closed up the appointment for the Tuesday of Strip the news.

A scene quite touching that has led to the many viewers of the Channel 5 into on the social profiles of the satirical news program, but also that of the town sent him condolences.

On the various social networks envoy Strip the news is not published any split Max Laudadio has not even mentioned the serious grief that struck him and his family. Much less know which one is the cause of the sudden death of his father, Joseph. In the meantime the internet came thousands of comments of condolences for the affected person and his family.

The article in the news Strip, the dramatic mourning: the ad shock in direct comes from KontroKultura.


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