Stranger Things: the third season will consist of eight episodes


Published on Feb 10, 2018


TV Line announced that the third season of the Stranger Things will be composed of eight episodes like the first. The second season consisted of nine episodes, but the additional bet has been the controversial The Lost Sister, it focused on the friendship between Eleven and Kali, heavily criticised by fans for being detached too far from the storyline the main. The episode, in fact, had more the flavor of a spin-off.

The filming of the third season will start next April and will be released on Netflix in 2019.

The new episodes will introduce a new villain that will not be connected to the young Will Byers, the most tormented between the protagonists of the first two seasons, even if his connection with the Upside down will continue to have an important role.

According to the intentions of the brothers Duffers, the creators of Stranger Things, and the series should last four or five seasons.

David Harbour, interpreter, sheriff Jim Hopper, it will be Hellboy in the new reboot film directed by Neil Marshall and co-written by Mike Mignola, the creator of the character.

Stranger Things: the third season will consist of eight episodes is




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