Stranger Things: the second season will be much more frightening

Published on Jun 19, 2017

The director of the show has announced that the second season of the Stranger Things is ready to tell even more

In addition to having successfully to the sense of nostalgia towards the glia-80s, the TV series Stranger Things has managed to tell an interesting story and an ambitious, rewarding the creative team with a well-deserved success of critics and public.

Shawn Levy, executive producer and director of the series, during a recent video interview with The Hollywood Reporter, has announced that authors are ready to tell even more, also talking about what should you expect in the second season:

The second season will appear the Demogorgon picturesque, almost curious. I was to work with brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, the creators of the series ndt] and we said: "This is certainly more dark, I hope that everyone can agree with this" because now the threats to Hawkins and our characters are larger, more gloomy, often often the most frightening, so that the people who found the first season too frightening for them, they will probably be even more horrified by the second season. But once again, the best thing I can tell you is that, however, there will be the feeling best. As a writer and as a budget is something definitely more ambitious.

We will do things cheforse may disappoint fans, but I think that in the end will be more than satisfied... I will give You an example on one thing that I have been asked about a hundred times, and that is the fact that Barb could still be alive. It is one thing that the fans think they want, but in reality they really want be alive. There has been a lot of people, even famous people, who ask me: "So, Barb will come among us , right?". We're not agreeing to the requests of the fans, but we are following the creative instincts of the Duffer and I feel that this is the right thing, the right story to tell.

Then no conditioning that serves to “satisfy” the fans, but only the goal of continuing to tell an original story that, surely, will continue to make the success of the show.

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