Stranger Things: the players announce a Christmas gift for... Spelacchio!


Published on Dec 06, 2018


Spelacchio is the nickname that roman citizens and have not only given on the Christmas tree last year that the mayor of the capital of Virginia Ray had installed in the center of Piazza Venezia, at the beginning of last December. His appearance was so little cared for that they deserve not only the nickname is derogatory and ironic “Spelacchio”, but also other titles, such as “Mop water”. If you have not seen it yet, you can give it a look below to get an idea about it:

Unfortunately for our city, however, the problems and criticisms related to christmas decorations in the city have returned to life this year, and you are again pulled down on the poor fir tree, that will be installed always in Piazza Venezia, on the 8th of December, the day of the Immaculate Conception.

This time, the new Christmas tree has earned a new nickname, “Spezzacchio”, because, in order to facilitate transport, some of the branches were cut to be repositioned once placed the tree in his home. And also in this case, the result (for the moment only partial, since there are still decorations) cannot fail to raise a smile:

The news, just like last year, it spread very quickly on the network, thanks to the various newspapers, both local and international, have spoken, and the social network, which first of all drove the online platform Netflix to use it as a testimonial for his advertising, thus becoming the sponsor of a “new Spelacchio” that measures over 20 metres in height and will be decorated with 60,000 LED lights low energy consumption and 500 silver balls and red:

But it does not end here! The theme of a new Christmas tree that may interfere with Piazza Venezia instead it has sensitized even the guys from Hawkins protagonists of Stranger Things, which, through the young spokesman Caleb McLaughlin (who in the series plays Lucas Sinclair), have announced that they will send to Rome a gift for sure very pleasing and that will finally “Spezzacchio” a christmas decoration worthy of the name, because the “Spelacchio” last year seemed to be coming from Upside down, to use the words of the same Caleb, who has announced, through an enjoyable video published on the official channel of Netflix on Youtube, that he and his friends donate to the fir tree a set of christmas lights, the symbol of the series. But beware: the light may illuminate without control and attract the Demogorgon”! But apart from this little, insignificant risk, the end result promises to Caleb, “it will be really cool”.

And if the narrator's voice that accompanies the video seems familiar, it is because he belongs to a famous actor, comedian, and voice actor Pino Insegno:

Stranger Things: the players announce a Christmas gift for... Spelacchio! is




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