Stranger Things: the Eleven, and Dustin lift a fan after that no friend turned up at his birthday party!

Published on Mar 22, 2018

The kids can be really str**zi of the times, and the “friends” of Aaron Alambat, a young boy from california, are those of the worst kind.

It was really sad and disheartening for Aaron to realize that, on the 18th of march, none of the eight classmates who had invited turned up at his birthday party in the theme of Stranger Things.

Was all ready to celebrate together and cheer the happy event, including the inevitable punch renamed for the occasion Demogorgon Blood, themed decorations, and a beautiful cake on which were displayed the lights of christmas that Joyce uses to get in touch with the son, Will during the first season of the acclaimed TV series on Netflix.

After that the party went sadly deserted, the sister of Aaron tweeted his disappointment for the behavior “impolite” of the friends of his brother, tweet that, surprisingly, has received the solidarity of Millie Bobby Brown and Gaten Matarazzo.

my brother invited 8 of his classmates for his stranger things themed bday party & none of their punk selves showed up

— ayen (@ayenalambat) march 18, 2018

The two young stars of Stranger Things have immediately heartened Aaron, asking the boy to be invited to his next birthday, with the likeable performer Dustin that is even offered to bring the chocolate pudding!

What!!!! Oh Well You can let them all know that everyone on behalf on Stranger things would've like! I think your awesome and next year I would like an invite... Please?

— Millie Bobby Brown (@milliebbrown) 20 march 2018

Count me in too! I'll bring the chocolate pudding

— Gaten Matarazzo (@GatenM123) 20 march 2018

To Hawkins ' friends are truly such, and remain united for ever! In the face of the str**l!

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Source: EW

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