Stranger Things revealed to the opponent of the Season 3?


Published on Dec 19, 2018


From government agencies to classmates, bullies, and other threats, however, are raised for our heroes in the course of time, but now from the database IMDB gives some revelations about who could be the antagonists of the third season of the series.

WARNING: possible spoilers for Stranger Things.

Last month, a user of Reddit, who noticed that IMDb showed some members of the cast for the third season, described as a “Russian Soldier”, “Guard Russian” and “henchman of the Russian federation”. Shortly after this information was broadcast over the Internet, the description of many of these characters has been shortened into “Soldier”, “Guard” or “henchman”. What has piqued the curiosity of many fans is that, while many of the references to Russia have been deleted from the page to the IMDb, it remains a stunt performer who is credited as “Guard” Russian, igniting speculation on the fact that Netflix aimed to remove the references to Russia dimenticandosene one.

All this speculation could mean nothing, because you do not need a specific level of authorization on IMDb can edit the credits of a television show. The names of the characters that change may be all attributed to a person who enjoys a little bit and tries to intentionally tease the fans. However, it is possible that these clues may suggest important revelations on the third season.

The american government has played a crucial role in the previous seasons of the series, in large part due to its organizations that not only have they opened a portal, but also conducted experiments. In the time elapsed from the beginning of the series, it is possible that Russian scientists have discovered similar portals, or perhaps have heard of such experiments in american and sent some members of the armed forces to take advantage of this knowledge.

The climate of the time, the clash between the USA and Russia, also could confirm this choice in the script, even if for now all we can do is wait for confirmations.

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