Stranger Things, it finally has its graphic adventure the ’80s

Published on Aug 29, 2016

It is online the first demo of a graphic adventure amateur dedicated to Stranger Things, and the tv series phenomenon in the time of Netflix.

A few days ago reported the news of the appearance of a gif, created as it were a video game in pixel art dedicated to Stranger Things. In the article there auspicavamo also that someone decided to make a videogame on the tv series on Netflix. Today, our prayers have been answered (at least in part).

In fact, comes from the Infamous Games, a group of people “who are lovers of the graphic adventures, the old school”, a playable demo of a video game is not authorized on Stranger Things.

In the demo we will help you Hopper, Powell and Callahan to look for a clue on the disappearance of Will in the forest, the last place known where it was reported the presence of the boy. Once you have found the clue, the demo will end. Still there is no full version of the game, but if you are true fans of the series, it is worth spending a few minutes.

As well as its predecessors of the ’80s, we will have the ability to control the Hopper exclusively through the choice of the dialogues available in the selection; but there will be also some small found (such as the ability to smoke the sheriff).

We do not yet know if, and when, will be released a full version of the game. If you are interested you can still give us a look free of charge HERE.

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