Stranger Things: In the first season, Eleven had to die

Published on Nov 07, 2017

The brothers Duffer, the creators of Stranger Things, tell us about the initial plans for the tv series, whose fortunes have been changed unknowingly, from Netflix

While Stranger Things, today, is enjoying the incredible success that we hope will continue in the coming years, and originally its creators had planned a miniseries that would not be due to go beyond the first season. The encounter with Netflix, however, has changed everything, how they told the brothers Duffer, the creators of the show, during a Master Class at Chapman University.

Here are the words of Ross Duffer, as reported by CinemaBlend:

I probably shouldn't talk about it because I love the idea that everything is already planned, but originally it had to be a miniseries. Eleven had to sacrifice herself and save the world, nothing more, because there was a time when miniseries were really a big deal.

It is here that comes into play in the business. When we started working we realized that we would not have made a lot of money with a miniseries. I remember when I went from Netflix to suggest to them the project, the response was: “ok, we like it, but how to continue?” Improvising on the moment to save the situation, which we answered; “Will return from the different dimension, and for him things will not go very well.” Their reaction was: “Awesome”!

Therefore, it seems that we will have to thank Netflix for the second season of the show.

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