Stranger Things 4: it will return the Hopper?


Published on Dec 10, 2019


The star of Stranger Things David Harbour says that the creators of the series, the brothers Duffer. not say anything of Season 4, and explains why a spoiler on the chief of police Hawkins Jim Hopper “needed” to be there in Season 3, which you can find here my review.

Spoiler alert: the last season of the hit series original Netflix ended with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), the adopted daughter with powers psychokinetic Hopper, and her friends who unite to fend off the Mind Flayer in the Starcourt Mall, while the Hopper and Joyce (Winona Ryder) have wormed their way into a Russian base to stop the soviet scientists open a gate for the Upside down.

It was there that Hopper sacrificed himself to close the rift, which apparently disintegrated, thanks to its energy the paranormal. Hopper could have survived the explosion?

“Oh my God! I don't know. Should we call the brothers Duffer?“, said Harbour to the Comic With the German Dortmund during the week-end. “We do not know yet, we don't know. I do not say anything, then we'll have to see. I think you'll discover it at some point, we'll find out at some point. We hope he is alive“.

When the Harbour has received a round of applause as a response from the public after asking if they wanted to that Hopper was alive, he joked: “Guess what ? I, too. Because I like to work“.

Harbour explained that Hopper “had to die” because of unresolved feelings about the loss of his daughter of seven years, Sara (Elle Graham) and his death from cancer.

“I think that Hopper, from the beginning I said this, it is very lovable in a certain way, but it is also a rough kind,“ said Harbour. “Certainly at the beginning of the first season is a little dark, drinks, and is trying to kill and hate for what happened to his daughter. I feel that, in a sense, that character had to die. She needed to make a sacrifice to compensate for the way in which he has lived in about 10 years, the resentments that he had. So he had to die.“

The star then gave a small clue as to what it might be “an attractive arch” for Hopper in Stranger Things 4, or even beyond:

“Now that there is this second act, whether or not there is a sort of resurrection, we can see it or not in a certain way, it would be really interesting for me. I would love,” he said.

“Has anyone seen Lord of The Rings? Gandalf the Grey fights the Balrog, he descends into the darkness, he fights for ever and everyone thinks that it is dead. And then reappears as Gandalf the White, with a sort of new strength and a new power. It would be an attractive arch for him. ”

The co-star of the Harbour, Jake Busey, suspect that the american man has not been identified held captive in a Russian prison, and is revealed in a scene post-credits at the end of Season 3 of Stranger Things might be Hopper: “What do you think is behind that door when they say: ‘Go get the american?’. Who do you think there is?“.

“Barb,“ he joked Harbour. “She was american!“.

All three seasons of Stranger Things are available streaming on Netflix, and at the time is not yet announced the release date of Season 4.

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