Stranger Things 3: David Harbour suggests the release date of the third season

Published on Dec 27, 2017

When the second season of Stranger Things " has landed on Netflix, one question bounces in the minds of the fans of the show of the brothers Duffer: “when are we going to see the third season?!”.

Although we know now that the show will not return to the platform of video on demand in california before 2019, as revealed by the numerous interviews given by the cast in recent months, David Harbour, the sheriff Hopper in Stranger Things, it is unbalanced, giving us a launch window, the more precise is for Stranger Things 3.

Here is what is said to Variety:

“I don't have the authority to reveal it, but if you use the logic in the first season arrived on 15 July, while the second on the 27th of October. if you will follow the same timeline, which could be the release date of Stranger Things 3? I'd bet on a January or February of 2019! But I don't know, I would love to see you as soon as possible. We want to work well and this takes time. The idea is to create a good product and it's the thing that counts the most.”


In short, then, it may be “only a year” at the exit of the third season of Stranger Things, and on our return in Upside down!

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