Stranger Things 2: Ross Duffer reveals the fate of Dart!

Published on Nov 07, 2017

Ross Duffer, one of the creators of Stranger Things, reveals the fate of Dart, the Democane friend of Dustin

Let's tell the truth, the most intense and exciting of the Stranger Things 2 we have experienced every time that the Demogorgoni four-legged, the Democani as Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) has always held to clarify, are entered in the action, driven by that form of intelligence of the swarm that the curly-haired boy seems to know very well.

It is not a case that is just Dustin to have the first contact with the embryonic form of the Democani, collecting a sample from the backyard of the house and trying to breed in a terrarium, after having baptized the Dart (short for D'artagnan), before subsequent packs of what appeared to be a strange tadpole, he turned into the creature of hell which, along with its similar, invades the laboratory of Hawkins and try to infest the small town.

At the end of the second season, Dustin and the rest of the gang meet Dart on their way, as they seek to exit from the underground tunnels, with the latter letting them go, thanks to the friendship with the same boy, and a chocolate bar crispy, before being recalled by the Monster Shadow and the intelligence of swarm that if he was seeing with Eleven.

As stated by Ross Duffer, we will not review the Dart in the future, given that it disappeared at the same time that Eleven has managed to close the door:

I would like to say that Dart is unfortunately a victim. Once Eleven closes the door, all stops, so it dies along with its popular bars de The three Musketeers.

The author has kept in mind, however to point out that, although the behavior of Dustin has put in serious danger the lives of all, his “friendship” with the Democane has allowed everyone to save themselves:

I think it was very naive, but in the end I like to think that his being friendly with this thing, instead of trying to kill him, ends up saving the kids at the end. So the generosity to save them all.

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