Stranger Things 2: initially, the plans for Bob were very different

Published on Nov 01, 2017

During the Beyond Stranger Things, the after show (TV series Netflix, the brothers Duffer have riverato that the plans for Bob were very different

The character of Bob, played in Stranger Things 2 by Sean Austin (who we all remember mainly for The Goonies and, of course, the film trilogy of the Lord of The Rings) is certainly one of the additions to the cast, the most popular of this new season of the TV series on Netflix.

Yet his story, at least initially, was scheduled in a very different way from that which we have seen in the past few days...

Attention! Follow the spoilers on the second season of Stranger Things! (even though we all know that you have already finished all of her)

They all love Bob. It is nice, understanding and is also a “hero”; which, as we know, led him to meet death in the eighth episode of the show. The plan of the brothers Duffer, the creators of Stranger Things, has always been to kill the character, but much earlier, in the third episode:

“In an earlier version of the screenplay, the Will bad he had to kill Bob in episode three, when Sean Austin explains how he faced his fears as a child. [...] Was not to be the important character that we know today and have all that space in the script. Then we saw the acting of Austin, we loved it, and things have gone as we all know”.

Then, the skill on the set of Sean Austin has managed to survive for Bob a few episodes in, changing the however, is also the narrative arc of Will.

What do you think of the character of Bob? You would have wanted to see it again in Stranger Things 3? Please let us know via a comment below!

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