Stranger Things 2: Gaten Matarazzo promises answers and new twists

Published on Jun 02, 2017

The actor Gaten Matarazzo interpreter of Dustin in Stranger Things speak of what awaits us in the second season of the show

Since its first appearance among the protagonists of Stranger Things, the character of Dustin, played by Gaten Matarazzo, turned out to be one of the most beloved of the series, especially thanks to the strong characterization of the sympathetic and reassuring provided by the young actor.

Interviewed by the Huffington Post, Matarazzo has spoken about what fans should expect from the second season of Stranger Things, which will debut on Netflix on October 31, on the occasion of Halloween:

There will be answers and explanations to what they were looking for [the protagonists ndt], but also some new features coming that will help us understand if there will be a third season. We will also have a new cliffhanger, so it will be really exciting.

The most important thing of this “buttoned” revelation is that there will be a cliffhanger, that is a new shot of the scene comparable to the one experienced in the finale of the first season with the clash between the Eleven and the Demogorgon.

So far, thanks to the first information,we know that the Stranger Things 2 cut will be more horror (with new and scary monsters), will be set in the autumn of 1984 at Halloween, at a distance of about a year when Will remained imprisoned in Upside down.

The city of Hawkins will try to return to a sort of normal as well as Will and his family, with Joyce's mother who find an old classmate, the manager of Radio Shack, the local, and that will be played by Sean Astin (the interpreter of Samvise Gamgee in the trilogy of the Lord of The Rings), which will make it even more exciting, the references to the Tolkien saga that Stranger Things is full.

In the meantime, Nancy Wheeler and her brother Mike will be grappling with the memories of Barb and Unidici (the latter confirmed also in the second season).

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