Strange Academy: Skottie Young talks about the series


Published on May 11, 2020


To celebrate the release of Strange Academy #2, Arthur Adams has shared the variant cover he produced for the above-mentioned number. Marvel has announced that the #2 of the series will be published on Wednesday 8 July.

The cover has as a protagonist one of the most iconic already appeared in the first issue, Doyle Dormammu, one of the many illegitimate children of the ancient demon that Doctor Strange has already been addressed many, many times, Dormammu.

The first number was published on 4 march. Obviously, because of the emergency Coranavirus there will be a four-month gap between the first and the second. But at least, the readers will be able to use this time to be able to retrieve the first number of Strange Academy.

Strange Academy sees the texts Skottie Young pencils Humberto Ramos. In these days of quarantine, Skottie Young has participated in the Everywhere Book Fest online. A meeting at a distance on Zoom, along with other authors such as Nic Stone, Preeti Chhibber, and the editor of Marvel's Lauren Bisom.

Here Skottie Young spoke about one of the scenes that we will see in #2 of the Strange Academy, and that will change when the story reaches a certain point. Between all of you is focused on Doyle Dormammu.

“One of my favorite characters are Doyle Dormammu, is one of the many likely children of the greatest, of the lord of the dark dimension. And at school, and clearly all of them are very scared that this boy will cause damage to the entire place, but you will discover things, and if it will be that case or not.

So, for me, is the opportunity to throw these guys in all those things in which we all passed when we were teenagers, but let's say that will cause them to trigger at 100% and them I'll throw in a lot of magic, demons, and magic rites, and all that kind of thing of strange quirks.”

Also, the writer wants to make an homage to a scene in particular...

“There is a scene that I mentioned with a jacket magic, we have a character, Calvin, and this is a perfect example of what should be from the point of view of the writer. Now from the artistic point of view, I'm working with Humberto Ramos, which was one of my designers favorite when I was in high school. So I'm writing a comic for him, and we created a character called Calvin, and he found a jacket magic at the house of one of his adoptive parents, and the jacket has a little life of its own.

Therefore I have written a scene where Calvin, like all the other guys are studying in the casino as if they were in a games room in the dormitory. Calvin is playing video games and all the other boys are taken from their tasks, and they are really very focused... and the complete page with the drawings I received showed everyone how to study and Calvin to play on the Playstation with his jacket magic.”

The writer has spoken of the joy of “see a little idea become a big idea, and fun, and let it grow out of control in the plots in the future I wouldn't have thought of if he had not done anything with that jacket.”




Strange Academy: Skottie Young talks about the series of




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