Storm on Jasmine Carrisi: ‘He is 17 years old and already lips redone as the mother...”

Published on Oct 13, 2018

Jasmine Carrisi has been literally massacred on the social. After the first public appearances, the daughter of Al Bano is over to the centre of the controversy

The daughter of Loredana Lecciso and Al Bano, Jasmine Carrisi, has been literally massacred on the social for a detail that has not gone unnoticed to the users to be more careful. Here's what happened.

Jasmine Carrisi e-mail on a social network like all boys his age, a lot of photos on social. After his first official outing next to papa Al Bano, the girl has been targeted by the haters. On the web against you, in fact, there have been bad comments and sprucidi.
The girl has been criticized and accused of having made use of botox. His lips seem slightly bigger compared to a few years ago when it was smaller.

There is whoever it sustains that the girl has rebuilt another, and that will not stop this since his mother has done much else. But sometimes the envy gives head: Jasmine Carrisi is a beautiful girl in the prime of their years. Her beauty is blossoming day after day.

Luckily, there is also who supports on social and filled with compliments. Blonde, eyes big and has nothing to envy, why should a revenge? Meanwhile, also in an episode of the Afternoon five you spoke of this, one commentator did not hesitate to emphasize that the girl has already remedies proposed by the plastic surgery.

None of his parents is still expressed on these allegations definitely out of place.

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