Storm on Jasmine Carrisi, daughter of Al Bano has rebuilt his lips as the mother, Loredana Lecciso? Photos

Published on Aug 21, 2018

A few days ago the quintogenita Al Bano Carrisi showed on the various social networks of the new photos.The images show the 17-year-old in seductive poses, reminiscent of those of the mother, Loredana Lecciso.

A few minutes later they began to get a rain of criticism on the part of several users in respect of the former showgirls of salento. According to them, in fact, the woman would not be a good example for the Jasmine Carrisi. The young age of the sister of Bido has outraged the public was accustomed to seeing her sweet and shy. What do you think the father of this whole situation? (Continued after photo)

Fans of the more attentive they stated with confidence of the details of the photo posted by Jasmine Carrisi. Apparently the face of the 17-year-old seems to be very different. The public does not speak of change due to growth. According to the experts, the lips of the daughter of Al Bano have now surely some injection of silicone, or hyaluronic acid. Of course it is not an offence if you resort to cosmetic surgery, but the thing that is striking is the young age of Jasmine Carrisi. In addition, many have pointed the finger on Loredana Lecciso, which, given the previous abuse of the silicone, might have been a bad example for the daughter.

On the internet were compared to the photos of Jasmine Carrisi, making a comparison with before and after. Apparently the difference you see with the naked eye A man of values, such as the Maestro Al Bano, as it will have taken this news as if it were the truth? Here's a couple of pictures so you can get an idea.

The article the Storm on Jasmine Carrisi, daughter of Al Bano has rebuilt his lips as the mother, Loredana Lecciso? Photo comes from KontroKultura.


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