Stories from the Italian, Ignazio Moser reveals: marry Cecilia Rodriguez, that's when

Published on Sep 13, 2018

Cecilia Rodriguez returns to talk about themselves this time for a happy news she and Ignazio Moser will soon be husband and wife

Cecilia Rodriguez, sister of Belen, will soon be the wife of Ignazio Moser. It's been a year since the first Gf vip who has seen them in love more and more in love than ever, weddings are only the crowning of a dream of love.

In the Italian Stories of Eleonora Daniele, Ignazio Moser has confirmed the wedding with Cecilia Rodriguez. The two have passed the test co-existence and now seem willing to do the serious things. The dream of marriage is closer than ever.

The young cyclist, who was interviewed together with his father Francis, happy that his son has finally found a woman to love. Now living a little’ and then the marriage does not scare them.

Francesco Moser has added:

“There is already a ready place for them.”

The former cycling champion wants to see Cecilia and Ignatius in the Trentino-because for them has already bought a house.

The couple might split between the family and the farm. In fact, Ignatius responds:

“Yes, I will be back to take care of business, since I studied for it,”

Meanwhile, the sister of Belen has beginning to explore the territory in the family and seems to have established a good relationship with the head of the family, Francesco Moser. In fact, Ignatius reveals:

“My father was taken to heart, Cecilia, when we go to his house the door is always in the garden. She likes, she is gladly with him. There is a good feeling between them“

Then he confided during the interview:

“In this first year together we met more and more. We are well, we are always more solid and balanced. Also, of course, we quarrel like all the others. The nay-sayers? From the outset, we're not worried about what you said the other”.

Ignatius is well with Rodriguez and could tie the knot wedding for next year. The location? Of course, it is still a mystery.

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