Still excellent results for GTA V in the uk singles chart

Published on Jan 13, 2017

The extraordinary success of Grand Theft Auto V continues unabated. The latest effort by Rockstar square is in fact the fifth spot in the uk singles chart, continuing the trend of sale amazing, that goes on for more than three years. The copies sold in England alone exceeds the quota of 6 million, without counting the digital ones.

Fifa 17 won first place, surpassing unexpectedly Call of Duty: Endless Warfare, the true champion of sales in the United Kingdom this fall. The two titles are followed by Battlefield 1, and The Division, and both have benefited from the recent updates that have introduced a variety of new features, maps and modes.

In the report, Chart-Track also noted that the PS4 has surpassed the Xbox One in terms of software sold: Sony's home console would have won 45% of games in the box between all those sold in Britain last year, unlike its rival, which amounts to a still very good 34%. Despite sales of the Nintendo 3DS are up 7%, the WiiU has actually sold less than the PS3 and Xbox 360: a result to forget for the nissan.

Below is the complete ranking:


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