Stigma and Eris Editions with the “Rubens” of AkaB, Sponge, Camel and Nova


Published on Sep 11, 2018


Successfully completed with pre-sales of the first three volumes, the fellowship Project Stigma – Eris Edizioni is the time of the first collective work.

After you have produced the “Epos” of Mark Galli, “Stories of enterprising men, and in critical situations” novice Regular Size Monster " and “Lost in the Woods” by Dario Panzeri, this time the forges creative are ready to churn out a book of six-hand made by the creator of Stigma, AkaB, along with the weird Sponge and the grotesque Pablo Camel. Already started the presale of the book “Rubens,” which allows you to increase your hands six to eight, because, only for those who benefit from the preorder, can get the special “the History of a corpse” made from the same Camel, and by the talented, Nova. The preorder is already started and will last until 19 October, you can pick up the volume ready directly at the Lucca Comics and Games 2018 to the stand, Eris, in addition to the normal shipping mode.

Rubens: the Two stories. In the first, “The last temptation of Rubens” of Akab, the Camel and the Sponge, there are doors that should not be open, the landings from non-limestone, close by not to know. When Plutarch finishes the uranium that remains is to send Rubens to his research. But what Rubens will find is far more dangerous than any cold fusion thermonuclear. A heartbreaking story of love mental that will reveal the most vicious face of the culture. While The story in the history of the nazi clowns will be juggling with your internal organs. In the second, “The legend Rubens”, of the Camel, we are in the TWENTIETH century.C. To get 5 university credits required for the degree, Rubens leaves for a ocean crossing in search of a warrior immortal. Between the cemeteries of the giants and the rocks of the heavenly bodies, will have strong impact from the darkness fragments of its ancient origins. A volume is really exceptional that will bring in a new era of psychedelia, dark.

Extras: as always, the volumes of the stigma will have, in addition to “special”, even of the extras. The soundtrack of the volume is realized by Frost, Gandalf, a new project of the band formerly known as Ghost Mantra.

AkaB – he is a cartoonist, illustrator, painter and director, who is uncomfortable with the definitions. In the 90s he founded the Shock Study, which has produced and sold comic books to the american majors. Typical of his images is the stretch incisive and corrosive research the intensity of expression, the psychological introspection and the communication of an inner discomfort. He is active in numerous collaborations, including The Evil, Pile, Il Manifesto, Rolling Stone, Linus, the Independent and many others. Explorer of the conditions of the human soul, and the investigator is not conventional, and has published several books for various publishers: ReVolver for Poseidon Press, Redux and PoP! for Grrrzetic, The 5 Stages for BD, Voices Inside for Latitude 42, such As A Small Burnt offering, A Masked Man and Monarch for the Logos, the Story of a Mother and Human Kit, for ABE, Defragment for the Blue Gallery, The City of Dancing for the Sole24Ore, the Ark Empty for Shockdom, The Attic for Passenger Press and Mondadori.

His first feature film, Slaughter, was selected for the Sixtieth Mostra Internazionale d'arte Cinematografica of Venice. Follow The the body of Christ, and the Life and works of a Saint to conclude the trilogy of the invisible.

Terry – Class of 1989, illustrator and cartoonist. Founder and Art Director of self-produced magazine “Lucha Libre”, a member of the trio “the Infamous studio”, she collaborates with various realities of Italian self-production. In November 2014 he released his volume, and his debut as an author in full, “A nasty story” for the publisher Grrrz Comic Art Books, with which he won the Prize He of the Treviso Comic Book Festival, as the Author of revelation 2015. In November 2015, it is producing the volume of “The book of heads”. In September 2017, he released his second graphic novel, “The Rust Kingdom” for the publisher Hollow Press.

Pablo Camel – was Born in Lecco in 1989. Milan is the founding member of the Infamous Studio, which in 2011 presents a production of “Metastasis”. In 2012 she won the contest “Need a Break” Verticalismi, becoming the cover artist for the record label Analytic Trail Records. After an intense period of collaboration realizes the lsd web series “Tumorama”, which presents a sneak preview of paper at Lucca Comics&Games 2015. In that same year, he won the Gran Guinigi as the best self together with the collective Lucha Libre. In 2017, the first in a series of Tumorama is collected by Shockdom in a volume. With the money he earned with the book they bought a private jet, with which has usually fly over the ocean to look for inspiration.

Nova – was established in 1984 as the Gremlins and Freddy Krueger, with whom he shares ideals and dreams.

Queen of the 90s, by divine right, speaks with the dogs and the beers of the discount. Thanks to his degree in Fine Arts, obtained privileged access to a range of diverse menial jobs and low paid, and takes advantage of it to turn a little to the Europe by the waitress as to the worst clichés of the songs indie. Despite its life, persists in drawing and part self-publishing and various partnerships, from 2013 becomes part of the project TINALS – This Is Not A Love Song initially under the pseudonym of Erbalupina. In 2018, he published his first book Star or Shooting (Bao Publishing).

Dreams of making big money and then cover them with contempt, and prefer the comfort economic a quiet life, and lit in the woods. Thanks to its style incredibly rough, would like to one day be remembered as the'eurospin of Italian comics.


Eris, a young but fierce publishing house, already the winner of numerous awards, and the new Project with the Stigma, the label, wildly self that returns to the authors total control over their work, have announced a collaboration that provides that the output of each volume is preceded by a period of pre-sale online: those who buy the preorder will also receive a special, editorial content by the same author distributed exclusively with the pre-sale. After the presale, the special content will no longer be sold or available. You have finished the online pre-sales and processed orders, the volume will be available in bookstores at the same price as the cover of the preorder. Eris, in addition, will support the Project Stigma also fairs and events. Eris and the Stigma will recognize a large portion of the sales to those who the book is physically: the 30% on everything sold in the preorder will be given to the author. Who is the recipient of the advance, therefore, not only will receive an additional product to be exclusive, but will support even more the author.


The first 4 books of Project Stigma, which will see the light in 2018 are:

1) “Èpos” Marco Galli (already released)

2) “Stories of enterprising men, and in critical situations” Luke “Regular Size Monster” Negri (already released).

3) “Lost in the woods” by Dario Panzeri (expected release: already product).

4) the “Rubens” of AkaB, Pablo Camel and Sponge (expected release: November).

Stigma and Eris Editions with the “Rubens” of AkaB, Sponge, Camel and Nova is




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