Steps to levels, underpasses, and roads and traffic: from here goes the future planning of Luino

Published on Mar 15, 2017

The drafts of the designs, presented yesterday in the Commission's Territory, that should reconfigure the viability of the city centre of Luino, concerning the closure of via Voldomino and via San Pietro, close to both level crossing. An investment of 3.5 million euros and the works should be completed in may 2020. Expected in the next few weeks, many meetings, taken by the mayor, with the citizens, merchants and municipalities concerned. Steps to levels, underpasses, and roads and traffic: from here goes the future planning of Luino. A Commission Territory very well attended, yesterday evening, the council room of the municipality of Luino, where was presented the question of the suppression of level crossings in Luino. The comparison of traits turned on, between the opposition and the mayor Andrea Pellicini, which, together with the councillor Alessandra Mile, has clarified what has been done by the administration so far, and what will continue to make, to have a very clear situation and all the potential consequences of the AlpTransit. For the full-bodied intervention have been allocated 3.5 million euros and the works will last more than 3 years, with completion expected in 2020. The drafts of the project include the construction of an underpass that connects via Cairoli at the Hospital roundabout, with the suppression of the level crossing via Voldomino, while in via San Pietro, there will be a bretellina that will connect the artery secondary to via Bernardino Luini, near the post office and the Railway bridge. The introduction of the councillor Alessandra Mile. The councillor Alessandra Mile, yesterday in Committee the Territory, has stepped in to before, presenting the problem inherent to the question of the level crossings which, as a result of increased rail traffic on the Street, you will more often lowered that arise. “On the Luino, the works will be funded by Switzerland-for 120 million euros and will provide for the passage of about ninety trains per day on our tracks. This will make it less easy, for the crossing of Luino, as the level crossings would be closed much more often than today”. To overcome this drawback which will also involve other municipalities, the Lombardy Region has given delegation to the Province to suppress the level crossing and to proceed with the construction of subways. “In Luino was only planned an underpass, in via Cairoli, replacing the level crossing in via Voldomino,” continues councillor for Mile. “Later is also expected to put in security via San Pietro, where the level crossing is close to a gallery, which is dangerous, but the idea is the provision of a link road parallel to the tracks to give vent to the road”. The intervention of the architect Stefano Introini. “The measures foreshadowed by the relationship between the Province and the Region provide for the appropriation of 30 million euro to the municipalities concerned on the line. In the case of Luino, the allocation will be € 3.5 million which, in three years and up to 2020, would bring to completion the work”. So the situation is, the architect of the municipality of Luino, Stefano Introini. The issue of level crossings was already at the screening of the institutions luinesi from 2013: a Management Plan of the Territory four years ago, in fact, included within the scope of the central areas of Luino special attention to be put between the road and development of these areas, such as, for example, the former Visnova. “In the early months of 2016, with the municipal administration, we have initiated an update of the spatial plan which provides for works to facilitate the crossing of Luino continues, Introini – our Town, compared to others, is a simple case”. The search for an understanding with the Lombardy Region, on the case of level crossings via Voldomino and via S. Pietro, is being carried out in the direction of an agreement that could lead to functional works to the advantage of the town luino area: “We have alleged that they were functional works, and complete. We have indicated in advance a few posts, between which the functionality of the cycle route pedestrian” says Introini. To see the slides of the two different projects on the level crossings via Voldomino and via San Pietro, presented yesterday in committee, click here. The intervention of the mayor of Luino, Andrea Pellicini. “The international agreement of the AlpTransit expected for 2020, when it will be made all the connections, a passage of a train on the line of Luino that will reach ninety trains per day. Still in these days we are asked to perform studies on environmental compatibility, and we wonder if the Environmental Impact Assessment should be carried out”. The mayor of Luino, Andrea Pellicini, so introduces her concerns in environmental matters, linked to the massive change that the international project of Alptransit will bring to the area: “Ask you to support the parliamentarians of the territoriio for this assessment can be done.” In addition, the mayor has addressed the topic of subways, saying that, following a meeting between the department and the technical department of RFI, the municipality of Luino was able to get the full amount of the expenses for these interventions, were paid by the railway agency: “All the work of the underpass will be carried out by RFI, and we have asked and obtained that provided the bretellina of Via San Pietro. I believe that as much as up to now done is important, but not sufficient to get to the subscription of this work. I will do everything still with my colleagues to improve this agreement.” Pellicini is considered optimistic for the future viability luino area, calling it “interesting and innovative”. At the conclusion of the speech, the mayor of Luino brings global attention to the Environmental Impact Assessment: “We believe it is crucial for the security of the territory and of the citizens. We also asked for guarantees to the prefecture for the passage of dangerous goods, and we are waiting for answers”. The comparison between the counselor Nogara, the councillor for the Mile and the mayor Pellicini. Following the presentation of the projects, have arisen doubts of the minority, present with the counselors Enrica Nogara, John Petrotta (Luino) and Peter Agostinelli (MIN), especially with regard to the possible consequences incidental damages as a result of the transport of dangerous goods along the railway line Luino: “it is important to be transparent in decision-making: citizens ' concerns are real, because they have shops, activities and homes. These concerns should also be ours. For this reason, all the steps that are made have to be communicated and it would be useful to convene a meeting to explain to the population what happens,” exposes the councillor Enrica Nogara. On a future public meeting, Nogara was tranquilized by the mayor Pellicini, which he admitted that such a meeting is already planned in the next few days. Nogara has continued expressing doubts about the decision taken by the Swiss Government in regard to the choice not to make it available for our land, some means of relief useful in the case of a railway accident: “the negative response of The Swiss Government worries me – replica Pellicini -. Following this decision, we should make to get from Milan the means of rescue and this calms me. According to me, would be the case rethink the strategic role of our station, by placing in an optimal manner, the Fire Brigade, indispensable in a city like ours. We are also waiting for the updates of the Civil Protection, through which we expect days of involvement of the population. AlpTransit is taking off and people need to be reassured”. The conclusions and the future road of the affected areas. Between the detailed analysis of Intraina, reactions of the opposition and activists grillini, meetings in the Region of Lombardy, between the deputy mayor Alessandro Casali, and the Governor Roberto Maroni, however, there are some cardinal points, as specified in the mayor Andrea Pellicini: “In the coming weeks we will initiate meetings with the traders, the municipalities concerned, and with all the citizens. It is important to involve all the territorial realities because their needs are the instances that we will continue to present to the Province, Region and RFI”. There are many still open questions and problems which, currently, still not find the answer. The only way, at the moment, however, seems to be the involvement of the population and to collect, skills and opinions, all the items needed to make so that the towns of our territory are able to hear your own voice to the upper floors.

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