Stephen King: open the pre-orders of the new novel The Outsider

Published on Jan 06, 2018

Never a moment of pause for Stephen King!

The 2017 has definitely been a lucky year for the King of horror, who has lived always in the first page thanks to the numerous adaptations of his novels on the big and small screen.

IT, the film inspired his famous novel, was a box-office smash in Italy and in the world, not to mention de The Black Tower, The Mist, 1922, Gerald's Game, without forgetting the exit of the Sleeping Beauties, his last book written at four hands with his son Owen,

Despite all this success, King seems not to want to grant even a small pause and, in fact, is ready to get back in bookstores with a new book with the title The Outsider.

There is still no official date on the Italian edition, but in the United States the book will debut on the 22nd of may 2018.

The corpse of an eleven year-old boy is found in the city park.

Eye witnesses and fingerprints indicate in an unmistakable way that the culprit is one of the most famous citizens of Flint, Terry Maitland: baseball coach, English teacher and father of two daughters.

The detective Ralph Anderson, whose son was coached by Terry, sort of a quick stop that has a lot of resonance for the public. Maitland has an alibi, but Anderson and the district attorney challenging the DNA evidence that incastrerebbe the citizen model, together with the fingerprints and the deposition of the witnesses. But, the more the investigation continues and more emerge the particular dreadful and gruesome.

King takes in hand the history, creating a strong tension and suspense almost unbearable. Terry Maitland seems to be a good guy, but wearing another face? The answer will leave you without words.

The plot seems to leave hope: a linear story, a thriller easy, but that King will color and enrich with tints the horror, macabre and scary... as only he can do!

Given the recent reviews not really enthusiastic of his last works, hope to read soon a new great masterpiece of Stephen King, which is already available in preorder.

What do you think? The you buy? Please let us know!


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