Stephen Hall talks about his girlfriend and why he had never done so far

Published on Oct 29, 2018

Stefano Sala is tormented by feelings of guilt towards his girlfriend Dasha. Big Brother Vip, the model lets go to a series of confessions. Big Brother Vip: Stefano Sala and the Blessed Mace you away

In the past few weeks in the Big Brother Vip it was a special feeling between Stephen Hall and Benedetta Mazza. The two sought every opportunity to spend time together and they both confessed to try a interest one for the other. However, the beautiful model outside has a girlfriend, Ukrainian model Dasha, and he began to have doubts about his private life, which on the one that was living in the House.

Now it seems that Stephen has very clear ideas, he has admitted to having been mistaken, of wanting to return on his steps and want to go back to Dasha. He just scared of having lack of respect and of having exposed too.

Stephen, speaking with Martina Hamdy and Jane Alexander, he professed concern for his behavior with the Blessed and to the fact that this may have hurt his girlfriend:

She is very sensitive, if I never spoke to her was to protect it.

How did this change of direction?

Last week Stefano and Dasha felt by phone. The Big Brother Vip has allowed it in exceptional cases because the girl has had some serious health problems. It was this incident that made it clear to Stefano Sala, which was the most important in its history with Dasha and why it has decided to move away from Benedetta Mazza. There will be a way to tackle the topic in the next episodes of Big Brother Vip?

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