Stefano Oradei and Veera Kinnunen in crisis because of Osvaldo?


Published on May 22, 2019


Veera Kinnunen and Pablo Daniel Osvaldo are one of the pairs of this edition of Dancing with the Stars, the program of Rai 1 hosted by Milly Carlucci. She is a professional dancer, and he well-known football player and musician. Between the two contestants of Dancing with the Stars is born a friendship, between Veera and Osvaldo, the agreement is very strong and there are those who speak of the possible beginning of something that could go way beyond simple friendship. As in almost all stories there is a but. The but in this story it's called Stefano Oradei and is the boyfriend of Veera Kinnunen.

In the last few hours is talking about it: it's really exploded and the crisis in the couple because of the ex football player of Rome?

Stefano Oradei, as well as his girlfriend, he is also a dancer, and it seems that it is not for nothing, appreciating the relationship that is born between her Veera Kinnunen and the former footballer Osvaldo. As you read on Dagospia, Veera and Osvaldo would have been seen very close to you even at occasions that go beyond the context of race, Dancing with the Stars. It seems that Stefano Oradei is not happy with the situation, and even went on a rampage when he learned of the initiative which concerns his girlfriend and his partner in the program of Rai 1. What is it about?

According to what we read on the web, it seems that both the state asked the former footballer and Veera to leave abroad to shoot a promotional clip for Dancing with the Stars. The request of the authors would send Oradei on a rampage so much as try to prevent the departure by talking directly to the presenter Milly Carlucci. Stefano not only would he have said that would have left the transmission of Rai 1, but he also said that if it was the match to his girlfriend, he would have gone with her. “If Veera part, I, too,” were the words of the dancer.

This was discussed also in the last episodes of the Italian Stories, Eleonora Daniele has even asked the opinion of Ivan Zazzaroni on the facts. And they spoke of this crisis also to Come to me: what will there be to it?

How will it end this story? We will continue to follow certainly the story and we will keep you advised. What will the partner of Sister Cristina?

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