Stefano Oradei and Jessica Notaro a flirt on Dancing ?And’ Veera, the woman betrayed? Dandolo launches the bomb


Published on Aug 01, 2019


Who would have thought that the gossip of the summer would have involved some of the protagonists of Dancing with the stars? From Dagospia ( which refers to an article Today) comes a real bomb that involves Stefano Oradei. In these days the master of Dancing with the stars receives on social, solidarity of all the people who think that his ex-Veera Kinnunen, has betrayed him. Not only that, many of the critical you come to Milly Carlucci to the fact that, live on television, has “humiliated” Oradei for scenes of jealousy and not only. The presenter has even released an interview in order to understand explicitly that Oradei was not only stopped at a placed in front of a local audience, but that he had gone over and she was not able to Short, this story divides opinion but, while Oradei is silent, and Veera and Dani Osvaldo are in their couple life, get the bomb.

Alberto Dandolo by Dagospia, that raises a preview of Today launches an accusation is precise. In fact, it seems that Stephen is not the good of the situation and that in the past someone, to cover one of the contestants of Dancing had silenced the rumors about an alleged betrayal. Dandolo is first and last names: the person who would have a flirtation with Stefano Oradei would be Jessica Notaro, his company of the track, in the last edition of Dancing with the stars.

And here's what we read about Today:

... In the last hour is persistently circulating a new entry that tells the story of a relationship between Veera and Stefano already in deep crisis for a long time. It is whispered, indeed, that the gap between the two dates back to last year when Kinnunen, during the airing of the episodes of Dancing with the stars, he had the suspicion that her partner was cheating with Jessica Notaro, at the time a competitor of the show of Rai 1 and dance partner of Oradei. It's rumored that the matter remained private, and it was resolved in the intimacy of domestic walls.

And still:

But the usual well-informed claim that at the Foro Italico ( the location in which airs the program, ndr), starting with Milly Carlucci, everyone would know. You chose to say, however, dropping a thick silence on the matter to protect the image of the Mountain, the national symbol of the battle against violence on women.

And it would be a conspiracy of silence around this affair to discuss, since in that case, the Carlucci, did not. But the tv presenter has also reiterated in his latest interview that we cited poc ' above: she has not wanted to address the issue with Oradei for his jealousy and the possibility that Veera same with Osvaldo. The Carlucci took the thing in his hand because he was badly behaved with Veera even putting in embarrassment the entire production. And maybe, just because it was the second time that in some way sgarrava, the presenter decided to do it publicly.

The article, Stefano Oradei and Jessica Notaro a flirt on Dancing ?And’ Veera, the woman betrayed? Dandolo launches the bomb comes from the Latest News Flash.




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