Stefano De Martino news: the new love is the Guild?

Published on Aug 05, 2017

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The latest news and gossip about Stefano De Martino once again spoke of a new dramatic rapprochement with Belen Rodriguez and there were those who, like the columnist John Ciacci bet in a public reconciliation before mid-August. And instead it seems that the dancer neapolitan is truly back in love but the object of his desire does not match his ex-wife, but is a new girl, Gilda Ambrosio.

The indiscretion comes from the weekly ‘Spy’, the new creature of gossip wanted by Alfonso Signorini. Stefano would still be in a holiday in Ibiza, while Belen in these hours is located in Brno in the Czech Republic to follow the return to the races of his team mate Andrea Iannone. And on the Balearic island De Martino you'd be triggering it with a small group of friends among whom there is also the fascinating the Guild. Twenty-five years, neapolitan like him even if he lives in Milan, the girl is a famous fashion blogger friend Chiara Ferragni and former of Andrea Rosso, son of the founder of Diesel, Renzo, and then almost sister-in-law of Francesca Chillemi.

According to the magazine, gossip in addition to the images that are having fun with their friends, post directly from the Guild, without however that there are other elements to suggest a story, there would be a short escape of the couple in a luxurious resort in piedmont to enjoy a few days of intimacy, away from prying eyes. In reality, however, in the last hours it seems that Ambrosio has returned to Ibiza, and then the rumors may not be true. Once again it will be Stefano to clarify it with a post?

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