Stefano De Martino and Gilda Ambrosio at Milan, and the love that continues even after the holiday (Photos)


Published on Sep 06, 2017


Finally, we enjoy the new love story of Stefano De Martino after breaking up with Belen Rodriguez; confirmation that the dancer and Gilda Ambrosio are a couple comes from the photos that the public Who. The images of Stephen and the Guild together were taken to Milan; then back from holiday between Ibiza and Greece De Martino's silence confirms his bond with the beautiful model and designer. After the farewell in Belen is the first time that Stefano De Martino leaves caught with a woman and she seems to be really the right woman, able to make her fall in love again. YOU are known thanks to the usual friends in common, were in Ibiza and not you are anymore. Diving in Mykonos and romantic getaways in Italy here they are together, pinched at the Fondazione Prada on the occasion of an exhibition.

This time there were the hugs and cuddle, wonderful together with are already one of the couples most admired. Gilda Ambrosio is passionate about art and De Martino is left to convince and he followed the explanation of Francesco Vezzoli on the television and the Italian Rai in the ’70s.

This time, for the first time, Stephen did not deny the gossip, which thus confirms his story of love with Ambrosio.

Moreover, in the view of the paparazzi have not missed the smiles.
Here are the photos published by Who

Stefano De Martino and Belen together, the first day of school for the little Santiago – here are the photos

To Guild the dancer neapolitan has snubbed a little bit of Rome while being in Milan and being caught in a well-known restaurant of the city, of course, with his new girlfriend. The photos in the venue were posted on social by a friend of Stefano, but disappeared quickly.

On the contrary, the words of the Belen Rodriguez, the silence of Stefano De Martino, but especially the photos that show the new couple that, if not formalized their love don't want to deny the liaison.




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