Stefano de Martino and Belen Rodriguez, there is the video of the kiss: the confirmation of a love regained


Published on Feb 06, 2019


Now thinking about the couple formed by Belen Rodriguez and Stefano de Martino are in the mind only beautiful songs of love! Because we know that some loves do not end up doing turns huge and then they come back, loves unbreakable, inseparable, inseparable...And apparently this is the case of Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez, who, after years of separation, they decided to try again. At the time their were to speak, I have made photos and videos posted by people Who and social. From the magazine Who left the big scoop with the photos published on the number on sale this week. And a few minutes ago, on the social, instead got a video that confirms what the photo does not necessarily show. If, in fact, the shot can be a montage, a shot of a certain type, the video does not lie. And in the video that we are going to show you see exactly how much love there is between Stefano and Belen together in the airport. He holds the hand of her,approaches her, the cuddle, as if time had never stopped, as if everything had returned back to the day when love triumphed. Because to stay in the music “let's remember the world who we were and who we might come back” !

And here's the video that shows this return that someone was waiting, someone we hoped...Stefano de Martino, moreover, has never hidden his love for Belen, never finished. No important history after the separation, but only the great and beautiful words for its Belen.

While Belen is in Argentina and not comment, in Italy, tick the video that wins the most romantic

Amazing 2.......❤️❤️😂@chimagazineit

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How many hearts for this couple?

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