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Published on Oct 14, 2019


In the expectation of experiencing new adventures with Blacksad by Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido, have Tito Faraci (recently awarded the Romics d'oro") and Register with Starker – Die Today to bring us inside an anthropomorphic world, inhabited for the most part, dogs and cats (without excluding the possibility of seeing other animals), where the raw action the master and the shootings are the order of the day. This first cycle of stories, published by Shockdom in a large edition, hardcover, offers us a glimpse of what could be a new explosive cult series, the less “poetic”, but certainly more adrenaline to the already quoted saga of Blacksad.


Starker is called Starker, and that's it. A name would already be something too personal. And he applies the golden rule of the lead: “nothing personal”.

Already this incipit it would be enough to summarize the adventures of this new character of the house Shockdom: Starker is a former member of the army in the past, in this first cycle of stories, remains wrapped in mystery. To speak for him is his cold blood, the ease with which she manages to accomplish the assigned missions from the highest bidder; they are the lead of bullets and the money collected to mark his life, but when Norton, his old comrade-in-arms, the assolderà for a particular task, Starker will have to deal with something much bigger and, perhaps, just a little impersonal.

With frantic shootouts, and tables full of drawings handled (worthy of the best action movies in hollywood) Tito Faraci (who has already had the opportunity to show the public all the dynamism of his script with Tex) and the Register of the project directly to the reader in the adrenaline-fueled life of an ex-military now mercenary, destined to become the main actor of a conspiracy that will have the opportunity to develop in the later stories and that, for its size, it promises to extend beyond the duration of the simple mission. The plot is simple, common and linear, but for the “speed” of the graphics and the script is enriched soon of items in the spy-story, outlining (although, of course, being a first volume, and not yet in the manner of “substantial”), the characters of the main characters: Starker appears unscrupulous, but the relationship with the lover and “the accomplice” (in certain moments), and Dana, a femme fatale reminiscent of “Catwoman” (and seen its appearance, the comparison seems more than fitting) lets us glimpse in him of the glimmers of humanity that is probably hidden by a mysterious past. To complete the triangle of characters in these early stories, held in the foot as well as by the plot ratio of the two with Dana, we will find Norton, the counterpart of Starker and all aspects of its antagonist.


Although, therefore, Starker 1 – Die Today is just a small taste of a saga, well-articulated, the two authors bring in the comics market an exciting, raw (but never above the lines) fast-paced story set in an anthropomorphic world, played with shades of color, and perfectly coherent at the pace orchestrated by Faraci, by the Register, the stretch of “soft” is going to balance the tone offered by the plot into the mix definitely optimal. To complete the presentation of Starker to the public a maxi-edition hardcover packaged by Shockdom, which facilitates the immersion “film” in an anthropomorphic world, where it is the lead to manage the balance. Waiting to see the development of the adventures of Starker intrigue, involve, and bring back into vogue in a dynamic way, the use of the characters anthropomorphic.

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