Stargirl: Luke Wilson will play Pat Dugan (Stripe)


Published on Jan 09, 2019


According to Deadline, the star Luke Wilson has now joined the cast! According to reports, Wilson will play “the machine-superhero Pat Dugan, pilot Stripe, a huge robot from 15 feet of his own invention”. This is the tv adaptation of “S. T. R. I. P. E.” (Special Tactics Robotic Integrated Power Enhancer), which is a suit of armour worn by Pat Dugan.

In the comics, Dugan was once “Stripesy“, a former mate of the Star-Spangled Kid (aka Starman). The two were lost in the time stream after having fought against an enemy, only because the Justice League then to save them and bring to our days. Dugan helped the heroes of the DC before he married twice; the second marriage was with the daughter named Courtney Whitemore, aka Stargirl!

Here's how the Pat Dugan, Luke Wilson, you will in the adaptation of the DC Universe of the story of Stargirl, according to Deadline: “once Pat Dugan had taken the little-inspired name Stripesy, an assistant to a young hero known as Star-Spangled Kid and later Versions of the legendary Justice Society of America. Today, Pat has left her life by the shoulder behind him. But when her new step-daughter, Courtney Whitmore, discovers the secret past of Pat and takes the legacy of Starman to become Stargirl, Pat is forced to emerge from retirement and again become a shoulder – of stepdaughter – this time piloting a robot of 15 feet, called Stripe.

The adaptation of Pat Dugan will therefore be very close to his counterpart in the comics. The more we learn the more it seems that Stargirl operates on two fronts, with flashbacks on the past of the JSA, while in the modern times, Courtney enters in his role as Stargirl, and maybe start driving a new generation of heroes of the JSA.

Stargirl should make his debut on the DC Universe in August 2019.

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