StarCraft II at Overwatch, the eSports Blizzard are always more pink!

Published on Feb 13, 2018

While in Pyeongchang stages the Winter Olympics, that in these hours give us the first gold, with the Italian Arianna Fontana in the short track, always in the Korea of the South were held, a few days ago, the Intel Extreme Masters Starcraft II, a series of international tournaments for eSports organized in countries all over the world that, this year, they have had an issue very particular.

In fact, the appointment to the south Korean gaming competitive have known “the first two times”: on the one hand, the first attempt to support the Sports Electronic the Olympic Games with the support of the IOC), and on the other, the triumph of the canadian Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn, who, in fact, became the first woman in history to win a Premier tournament in Starcraft II (one of the eSports Blizzard the most famous).

This is a historic achievement since it occurred to the damage of the idol of the house of sOs, one of the representatives of the strongest South Korea, the only true superpower of the eSports.

The asian nation has a tradition as a true queen of eSports, since that is the country where such competitions were born and where the tournaments are also broadcast on TV. With the birth of thousands of new enthusiasts each day, who purchase prepaid cards Blizzard to be able to access a range of content in-game and making the fortune of software houses, all trying to become champions of the game, and to professionals who are able to win prize money of 50,000 dollars, as happened to “Scarlett”.

In recent days, however, everything seems to rotate around the Olympic games, eSports, South Korea and especially to the women because, if that were not enough, the undertaking of Sasha Hostyn to jump to the headlines in video games, another girl, attracts the attention of a sector which is still mainly dominated by male players.

Kim “Geguri” Se-yeon (nationality South Korean, needless to say) will be the first woman to compete in the Overwatch League, as well as one of the few girls to enter in full in the panorama esports professional.

Kim has in fact officially announced to have been hired by a professional team of Overwatch (the first-person shooter in teams, developed Blizzard Entertainment) to play in one of the competitions, eSports and more important in the world.

The road seems now to be traced, and the eSports await the birth of the players and the players more and more strong, capable of putting on a show in the course of events of global resonance, coming to conquer international stages, starting only from a computer in your room, and maybe a simple Blizzard Gift Card received as a gift!

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